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We were born to spread culture and entertainment while we keep our planet safe.

Sharing Education, Entertainment & Art Since 2013

Magic Masterminds is committed to expanding its role as a publisher that serves society by leveraging culture not only with the ebooks we publish, but through creativity and diverse voices in interactive graphics, Apps, and games.

We collaborate with authors in every stage of the development and publishing process. At the same time, we fiercely protect our authors’ intellectual property and champion freedom of expression, ensuring that their voices reach communities and societies around the globe.

We use the latest technologies available to take culture to the farthest places in the world.

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Our Story

Since day one, Magic Masterminds leverages its global reach by embracing new technologies to create quality content.

We collaborate with authors in every stage of the development and publishing process. 

Our Mission

In Magic Masterminds, we believe books and culture must be available to everyone, so we create and publish using all possible media. Together, we foster a universal passion for learning to aid communicating ideas that inform, entertain, and inspire connecting with audience globally.

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At Magic Masterminds we are illiteracy fighters. As a Magic Masterminds author, you will be asked to donate your eBook with Worldreader. You can decide not to do it, but we encourage our authors to share their creativity for the good of the children and young adults around the world.

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