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the christmas spiders
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THE CHRISTMAS SPIDERS is the legend of a widowed mother and her children too poor to have Christmas decorations. Friendly spiders heard their sobs and decided to help. They decorated the tree with shiny spiderwebs that looked like silver. The children were happy and grateful. So the sun decided to help, too. You need to read this story to see what happened. 

One thing I can tell you… What happened is the origin of the shiny tinsel we use every year as part of the Christmas decorations. It’s origin, and why it is a lovely tradition.

Christmas decorations are one of the most beautiful traditions, and are followed by millions of families around the world.

In Europe and many other countries, spiders are considered good luck. The belief is that when they visit your home, they bring gold and silver. 

This lovely Ukrainian legend is a treasure you will love to tell your children—a story with a message of love and family values you will most certainly enjoy.

Besides, we will donate part of the royalties of this story to help Ukrainian children in need through well-known organizations such as Help Heroes of Ukraine.

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