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traditions of the world

Did you know there are thousands of traditions yet to be discovered? This is because we are all different.

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Traditions of the World

goddess eostre and the easter bunny

Editor’s Choice

Traditions of the World

la diosa eostre y el conejito de pascua

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We invite you to meet our authors.

Creativity and love turned into stories.

Donna D. Vitucci

Donna wrote her first poem in fourth grade, and from there, never looked back. Alongside school, marriage, and children, she wrote poems and stories and seriously studied the craft of fiction at the University of Cincinnati when her youngest entered kindergarten.

She earned her Master’s degree in 1990 and has been writing and submitting stories and novels since then.

Monica Paul

I began writing when I learned the letters. I’ve collaborated with IT firms like Adobe and Visio. Furthermore, I opened my PR firm in 2001 and ghostwrote directors and VPs. So, I decided to perfect my writing. I enrolled in Berkeley and invested in courses from Writers Digest U.

Since 2019, I’ve been collaborating as a ghostwriter and editor for the IT analyst firm IDC, AWS, MS, and other IT companies. 

All these years, I would write stories but didn’t publish them.

I learned from children that they love traditions, myths, and legends. I created Traditions of the World with the uttermost goal of helping parents balance digital and real-life experiences while telling them cool stories about the marvelous cultures on this planet. 

Despite GenAI and other technologies, our brains need daily exercise. So, I give children adventures with myths and legends stories, always based on trustworthy sources, as well as printable activity workbooks. Technology is a tool but never a substitute for human value. Children must always think and learn in fun ways.

Eugenio Riveroll

Eugenio dedicated 40 years to helping manufacturing companies throughout Latin America become adaptable and effective.

Upon his retirement, he started several projects: he founded the Netas channel for SMEs, which brings together a highly interactive and borderless community interested in learning and implementing best practices for companies.

He also took courses in screenwriting and film directing. In 2022, he released his first short film, “No Me Mires.”

Currently, he continues to contribute as a business media columnist and is one of the founding board members and contributor to Traditions of the World, one of his favorite projects.

Marifer Riveroll

María Fernanda Riveroll started playing tennis at the age of eight. She was the Mexico national youth team champion, and at the ITF Junior level, she reached number nine in Central America and the Caribbean. She played her first match on the ITF Women’s Circuit at age 14 and reached 1,200 in the WTA rankings.

After her premature retirement due to a serious injury, she became a Graduate in Business Administration; she was a commentator for different radio and television networks. Currently, she is part of the Virtual Advertising Operations team and works as a sports and motivational speaker at the business, sports, and school levels.

Marifer is a contributor and honorary board member of Traditions of the World.

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